(Almost) everything about Sabrina Kelly

I am from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, but grew up in Santa Luzia.

I’m Scorpion – ooohh – and I’m indeed stubborn, I assume. But I learned to channel all my stubbornness to my goals. When I want something, hold me!

The first time I traveled abroad was in 2014, when I was selected to go to an exchange and study Journalism at the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

I must confess that the first time I thought about going to Portugal, I was in doubt if it really was the country that I wanted, because of the language. But after I arrived in Portugal, I felt so much passion! Passion for Portugal, for the Portuguese and for a Portuguese. But this is a very long story.

As a child I used to dream of being a writer. I really think I’m becoming one.

My writing

is steeped in sensations, in exaggerations, in exclamations. My words are not poems nor chronicles, are not news to newspapers much less scientific articles. They are a mix of excitement with stubbornness, anxiety with experiences, love and hate, passion and madness, fear and courage. I love Sophia de Mello Breyner because she was born on the same day as me and seems to talk to me and about what I think to the others.

In Portuguese:


Porque os outros se mascaram mas tu não

Porque os outros usam a virtude

Para comprar o que não tem perdão

Porque os outros têm medo mas tu não

Porque os outros são os túmulos caiados

Onde germina calada a podridão.

Porque os outros se calam mas tu não.

Porque os outros se compram e se vendem

E os seus gestos dão sempre dividendo.

Porque os outros são hábeis mas tu não.

Porque os outros vão à sombra dos abrigos

E tu vais de mãos dadas com os perigos.

Porque os outros calculam mas tu não.

A free translation would look like that:



Because others mask themselves, but you don’t

Because others use virtue

To buy what is unforgivable.

Because others are afraid but you aren’t.  

Because others are the whitewashed tombs

Where rot silently germinates.

Because others fall silent but not you.  

Because others buy and sell themselves

And their gestures always give dividend.

Because others are cunning but not you.  

Because others take shelter

And you’re going hand in hand with dangers.

Because others estimate but not you.


I’m an permanent contester, a natural unsatisfied, sceptical about the standards. Standards? Whom for? I am a Jacobin revolutionary!


Halfway I did the exams to study Marketing, succeeded and started to seek for my happiness! Yes, happiness! Because despite the many “challenges” of this profession, I am in love with the responsibility I carry on my back.


Communication is everything! And everything around us communicates in one way or another.


I love Sushi (especially fried), lasagna, french fries, bacon, chicken fricassee – I cook it myself –  stroganoff and salad. I loooove salads!

I keep in my heart an eternal passion for aviation and an asleep will of being flight attendant.

Dancing and acting are part of my past and are what put me forward.

I love neuroscience, neuromarketing and fashion marketing.

I’m fascinated by horses.

I’m hooked on the series Homeland.As an eternal teenager love Sex and City and the movie of my life is Dirty Dance (one day I explain why!).

Currently I write for the Ideia de Marketing, where I talk about the experiences and news in the world of communication in general.

I have singular tastes, especially for everything that is weird in the world. The diversity fascinates me.

My heart sways for volunteering work. One of the most remarkables of my life was to the Jequitinhonha Valley. Unforgettable and rewarding!


I firmly believe in the existence of God and in the love and care he has for this crazy and adventurous girl, who has a lot of freedom on the wings and many dreams in the heart.


About little Sabrina? I was a restless child, an imp and was always getting hurt. I’ve always been disengaged of family, rules and fears. Dedicated to my studies and in love with literature. I love summer and winter festivals, and the literary and Christmas ones.


My heart sways deeply for photography, a hobby in the free time, and singing is a part of me from the cradle. I was born and raised in a family of singers and players, which is always involved with the beauty that music brings to life.


I like so many things that there isn’t enough time to do so! In fact, a day with 48 hours wouldn’t hurt me!


Currently living in Portugal, but who’s to say for how longer I’m going to be here?

I’m always changing my hair, my city, my fears and my joys …


Welcome to this blog that I call blog, but it’s like a diary. Made with so much love and affection that you will feel that I’m hugging you and putting you in my suitcase with me.


Don’t stop dreaming, ok? Dreams keep you going.


I leave you with this quote from a very brave and crazy dude I recommend reading:


“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

Jack Kerouac