(Almost) everything about her Karoline Freitas

get in touchLike all good Sagittarian, I was born bitten by the traveler bug. Seriously!

I don’t know how to explain it. Since I can remember, every time someone called me for a ride, were it near or far away, my backpack was ready in a matter of (few) seconds.

And it could be with my mother, aunt, Grandma…Always that wanderlust in the heart. And no, I would never wake up in the middle of the night calling mom (sorry, mom).

Even if I couldn’t get any real ride, I was always traveling by the books I read.




Books have always been another passion of mine

It was so strong inside me, that I could leave my friends playing just to look for some lost books waiting for me to be read.

Carioca da gema ( as we call people really born in Rio, which literally means carioca from the yolk), even when I couldn’t travel, never had anything to complain about.

My town is indeed an eternal invitation to tourism. With endless possibilities of discoveries every day. If you don’t know it yet, let me tell you something: just go! (I LOVE RIO DE JANEIRO)

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But the first time I took a plane and get out of the Rio, I was 22. It was a trip of 10 days between Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará, in the Northeast of Brazil.

Since then, some years have passed and many other destinations had been visited. And all I can say it that my life has no meaning without a trip ahead (drama).

But let me make one thing clear: don’t expect to find in me anything surreal, a person who travels 24/7. I wish I could, but… It’s just not possible (yet).

Despite all the pressure from our beloved social media for unreachable perfection, I’m sorry but I live an ordinary life, just like you (I think).

  • My vibe is more peace and love. I’m almost always on jeans and shirt!
  • Hardly will you see me with makeup (I’m lazy), I hate waking up early and I’m too lazy to go to the gym.
  • I love jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers. Love to travel, but also love pizza and ice cream. And shrimp too! In short, love to eat.
  • I love photography, but I must confess that sometimes I prefer to have that vivid picture just in my mind.
  • I’m always swimming against the tide. Some gossip will say I’m stubborn. Couldn’t disagree more (lol).
  • I prefer the day, but love the starry sky and the full moon..


I graduated in Law, worked as a civil servant, fought for the thins I wanted, earned my own money, my independence, and dropped everything.

Since 2015, I live in Germanic lands (Yes, bitch), where I could dive in the language (the more difficult one in the world) and know a lot of places that fulfill my dreams since I was a kid.

It certainly inspired me even more to write this blog

Here I will share with you the ups and downs of the life of a natural traveler-expat.